5 ways to reduce your impact in 2022

 Marking the New Year with a resolution to act on climate change? You’re not alone; according to a recent study by British Gas, four in ten Brits claim their 2022 New Year’s Resolution involves being “greener”.

But where to start? Knowing how to combat climate change can be pretty overwhelming, but we’re here to help you make sustainability manageable. We’re firm believers in the ripple effect. By making small yet consistent changes to consumption in our own home is a surefire way to influence friends and family to get on board and reduce their impact, too. 

1. Make your laundry routine plastic-free 

Our favourite swaps are those that are easiest and cheapest to make, and this falls heavily into that category. SMOL is a cleaning product subscription that creates plastic free alternatives to laundry detergent, dishwasher tablets and surface sprays.

Tell them how regularly you wash and they’ll find the right subscription pace for you and deliver in a letterbox friendly parcel. The first step- give their free trial a go and see if you aren’t sold by the end!



2. Make the switch from single use plastic

Another super simple swap to reduce your plastic consumption. Beeswax wraps come in all shapes and sizes now and mean you can protect your half-used food products or wrap your sandwiches without using roll after roll of cling film. Waste saving, and over time, money saving too- we love that math!


3. Save those vegetable offcuts

Find a new purpose for your vegetable waste. If you have a garden where you can create compost heap - keep a composting bin in your kitchen and when full, take it out. Alternatively, you could keep a Tupperware in your freezer for vegetable peelings and when the box is full, simmer the peelings with onions, garlic and seasoning before straining, to make your own stock. Not only does this give another use to waste headed to landfill, but composting creates increases biodiversity and helps reduce greenhouse gases in the process.

 4. Learn to darn

The next time you have a hole in a top or a sock, try darning it rather than just throwing them away. Fixing little pressure holes is super easy and simply requires a needle and thread. You never know, in time you might be moving onto some more adventurous repairs! Extending the lifespan of our clothes is the number one thing we can do to address the fast fashion crisis, so let’s all wear and repair!

5. Get on the rental hype

Got an event or party coming up?! Why not swap the panic purchase of an outfit you’ll wear once or twice for a rental of a truly special piece? At Stripped we are big rental fans. We believe in investing in items you love and will wear again and again, but if an outfit doesn’t fit that bill, there’s a number of rental sites that have got your back! We love By Rotation and Hurr which are both peer-to-peer rentals and a full of gorgeous pieces perfect for weddings, parties and work events.