5 ways to travel more sustainably this summer


Trying to reduce your impact doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up on your summer holiday. Travelling can have many positives for the world, from understanding different cultures to conservation efforts that keep nature thriving. Not to mention, the tourism industry is one of the largest on the globe, employing roughly one in ten people worldwide.

While it’s nice to focus on the positives, we owe it to the planet to try to be more responsible while we choose to experience the beauty of the world. So, whether you’re sun seeking or travelling for work this summer, here are five top tips to help you be more mindful of your impact.

#1 You don’t always need to take to the skies

Consider making the journey part of the experience; take a boat or a train and see the world as you go. 

Make it a stay-cation and explore the world of beauty that is right on your doorstep.

We are all aware of how much air pollution contributes to global emissions so, if you need to fly, the good news is that nowadays there are multiple ways to offset your flights and give back to the planet. 

#2 Find somewhere that values sustainability as much as you

More and more countries are taking important steps to protect and cherish their natural and cultural heritage, which means that you can make your destination of choice one that matches your priorities.

#3 Align with your accommodation

Where you stay has a significant impact on what you leave behind. ‘Eco living’ has come a long way since the term first sprung up - gone are the days of basic, rustic accommodation. Today, it has come to represent places which are built and operated with as low a carbon footprint as possible. Whether it’s bedding materials or water consumption that matters most to you, we believe that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask the right questions to find the best accommodation for you. Also, who doesn’t love the creativity that resonates from an up-cycled design?

eco lodge travel


#4 Make the most of local knowledge

There is no greater experience of a different culture or country than seeing it through the eyes of someone who lives there. We love seeing this in the way our brands put emphasis on protecting local communities and enabling their economies to thrive. Plus when you're on the move, if often means you're let in on secret tips for the best off-the-grid spot to see the true beauty of a location, or discover an activity run by a local initiative that will directly support a community.


#5 Work with your wardrobe

Look for inspiration in what is already hanging in your home. We have all had that excited holiday feeling where we jump online or rush out to the shops to update our wardrobe before heading off for a trip. But what about what you wore last year, or the year before? Try out our cost-per-wear calculator to find out whether you are maximising your wardrobe.

If you have a craving for something new to make a trip feel extra special, find the perfect pre loved or sustainably made item to treasure and cherish. Here are a few suggestions…


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