Why should the B-Corp certification be on your radar?

B Corp

So, what is a B-corp?

The B-corp certification is attributed to businesses which are meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance. Businesses go through a rigorous application and verification process with the non-profit organisation, B Lab, to show that as a business they commit to their social and environmental accountability in equal measure to their profit. 

They are reviewed across 5 categories, governance, workers, customers, community, and the environment and must recertify every 3 years to maintain their status. 

How do companies become a B-corp?

Different pathways to certified B corp status are offered depending on business size and sector, the submission fee is also banded in this way to ensure the certification remains viable for as many businesses as possible. The assessment is holistic, scores are given across the 5 categories we’ve mentioned previously, accumulating into their overall impact store. To achieve certification they must achieve 80 or more on their overall impact score, but also exhibit transparency by opening up their scores on the Bcorp public database. In contrast, the median score impact score within standard businesses is 50.9, highlighting the high standard B-corps are held to. 

B-corp businesses can also compare themselves to others in the community and crucially have access to the B Impact Assessment platform, where they can identify their opportunities for improvement and track their progress. 

Being a B-corp requires a legal commitment to continuing to strive for improvement and to putting all stakeholders in a business, meaning anyone who is involved or affected by the business, first within decision making. This shift in mindset from shareholders being the priority, is crucial and means everyone in a business is respected, protected and rewarded, not just those profiting from success. 

Okay, B-Corps sound brilliant! What are your favourite B-corps to look out for?

With B-corps in every sector of business we'd really recommend having a snoop through the directory here, to see if there's one you can swap into your shopping habits to ensure your wallet is reflecting your values. 

Some of our faves are -

BY SARAH for skincare that is both luxurious and results driven while still looking after the planet. 


DAME for sustainable feminine health products.

SEEP to lower the impact of your cleaning cupboard.

WITH NOTHING UNDERNEATH for the most gorgeous and timeless shirts and basics.

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