T-bar Gratitude bracelet - 18ct Fairmined Gold Vermeil
T-bar Gratitude bracelet - 18ct Fairmined Gold Vermeil
T-bar Gratitude bracelet - 18ct Fairmined Gold Vermeil
T-bar Gratitude bracelet - 18ct Fairmined Gold Vermeil
T-bar Gratitude bracelet - 18ct Fairmined Gold Vermeil
T-bar Gratitude bracelet - 18ct Fairmined Gold Vermeil
T-bar Gratitude bracelet - 18ct Fairmined Gold Vermeil
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T-bar Gratitude bracelet - 18ct Fairmined Gold Vermeil

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Inspired by the gratitude of the ocean, part of Amphi's 'Lessons from Lockdown' debut collection. Handmade by skilled artisans in Bangkok.

This beautiful recycled sterling 18ct fair mined gold vermeil T-bar bracelet is finished in a sand-cast matte finish, giving it a brushed metal appearance that catches the light. Each perfectly imperfect link forms this wonderfully chunky yet delicate link bracelet. 

"Gratitude is a magic antidote that can dissolve negativity of all kinds. Like the ocean, change is inevitable, life is fluid and beauty and strength are not mutually exclusive, which is why we must learn to live life for the now. 

When you think about it, we all have an ocean of things to be grateful for." 

Amphi's supply chain are proud members of AmforiSedexFairmined and Responsible Jewellery Council

  • Base metal - 100% recycled sterling silver links
  • 2.5 micron layer of 18ct Fairmined Gold sourced from Columbia, plated in the UK.
  • It’s recommended to remove your jewellery before swimming, bathing or showering. It’s recommended to apply lotions and perfumes in advance of putting on your jewellery to not cloud the brilliance of the jewellery.
  • To clean gold vermeil, use a soft, dry, 100% cotton cloth. Never use a silver cloth or chemical cleaners. 2.5 microns are used of gold vermeil as opposed to 0.5-1 micron used within mainstream jewellery, to further prolong the lifetime.

Let's strip it back


Amphi began as a pre-order model, meaning that they could test which styles to eventually go into full production with, lessening the overall wastage and ensuring that they weren’t over ordering. All base metals have been made from 100% recycled sterling silver; the emissions produced from this are one third compared to mined silver. For the gold coating, Amphi looked into recycled gold but after research, discovered the enslaved nature of how new mines operate. Instead, they have chosen to use Fairmined
gold instead – although the emissions are higher than recycled, this way they are able to have a positive impact on the miners in question, who are paid fairly and work in safe conditions with no child labour being used.


Amphi consider lifecycle of the product by ensuring to use
recycled silver that can easily be re-recycled at the end of life. Limited stock is ordered to ensure low waste, with an aim towards a zero waste policy when it comes to stock. All packaging is recycled, recyclable and decomposable. Amphi admit that they have further to go, and are looking to focus on circularity
in 2022.

Water Consumption

By using recycled silver for the base metal, this completely
eradicates not only the amount of water that mining requires, but also any risk of water contamination within the mining process. By using Fairmined gold, this ensures the gold comes from small-scale operations with low environmental impact, with safe and reduced handling of chemicals or chemical-free extraction and protection of water supplies.

Workers Rights

Amphi’s main fully Sedex audited factory is based in Thailand,
where staff are paid the real living wage as opposed to the minimum required. For the small percentage that are not paid this wage, this is due to them being at the very beginning of their career in apprentice level roles. Benefits at this factory also include paid maternity, pension contribution, fixed working hours not going above 45 a week, fixed annual holiday allowance, bonuses, and 250% pay if required to work over weekends. Plating occurs in the UK, with the gold being sourced via Fairmined which validate fair living wages and working conditions. The platers are a small team based in the Cotswolds.