Repair Service Directory

Here for a good time, and a long time.

We're certain that you'll fall head over heels with all the pieces you purchase from Stripped.

We want you to wear them, share them, laugh in them and dance in them for as long as possible, which is why we've created this handy Repair Service Directory for some of the best in the business when your clothes are calling out for a little TLC.

Did you know that wearing an item 50 times reduces its carbon footprint by 400% compared to wearing it 5 times? Keeping your clothes looking and feeling amazing is the key to ensuring they stay out of a landfill and in your life for a long time.

Here’s our list of our suggested companies for alterations, repairs and restorations.  




This London based repair service app, who connects you to local seamstresses, collects your item by bike and returns it to you at a designated time. We love their motto of making clothing alterations and repairs easy.

Pinnas & Needles

Created by Pio and Francesco who are Italian twins with a passion for tailoring. After years on Saville Row they set up Pinnas & Needles in the heart of Soho, so you know your items are in good hands. They work on all clothing types and offer a mail order service or drop ins. 


Rest of UK

Clothes Doctor UK

Selling both at home repair kits and planet-kind clothes care products as well as their repairs service, Clothes doctor really have all your needs covered. Get a quote online, post your item to them, and your item will come back to you 7-10 days later fully revived and ready for you to fall back in love with!

The Alteration Yard

With locations in London, Woking and Guildford the team at The Alteration Yard have you covered for all your tailoring and alterations needs. They even have a 1 hour express service for those panic moments! Pop into one of their stores for more details.

The Zip Yard

The Zip Yard started life in Belfast, but has grown at pace to now having 53 stores across the UK and Ireland. They are committed to extending the lifestyle of clothes, and through their expert alterations, repairs and upcycling can help us all keep our precious items out of landfill.