The Rope Ring - Thin
The Rope Ring - Thin
The Rope Ring - Thin
Claire Hibon Jewellery

The Rope Ring - Thin

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This piece is lovingly handmade to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for Claire to create your unique ring.
Made entirely by hand in London, the Rope Ring (thin) by Claire Hibon is made from recycled silver. Inspired by the natural world around us and influenced by her background in textile design, this statement piece features a textured surface with bold, knotted loops.

Available in both sterling silver and 18ct vermeil.


Claire advises that gold plated pieces can naturally wear over time. Avoid showering whilst wearing your jewellery, and avoid use of body lotions, cosmetics, cleaning products and spraying perfume directly onto the product. It is recommended to store your jewellery in a cool, dry environment.


Silver can tarnish with time and will tarnish quicker if it is in constant contact with air. It's recommend to store your jewellery away, and protect them with the pouch or the box provided with your order.

Each piece is made just for you, by hand. Please allow 3-4 weeks to receive your order upon the point of purchase. 

As each piece is unique, returns are only accepted if your new piece is faulty. Read more about delivery and returns here

Let's strip it back


By using certified eco-silver, which is fully recycled, this piece entirely eliminates the need of creating new silver, which is either mined directly or a by-product of mining for other metals. This reduces the emissions created significantly. Handmade by Claire herself in her studio in London, this brand operates on a low impact model. Claire’s studio runs entirely from renewable energy. 


Claire’s design process works towards a zero waste model; she only orders in the materials needed once the order has been placed to avoid over production. Through using remelted silver, production waste can be kept to an absolute minimum. This jewellery is made to stand the test of time, however, if there comes a point when it’s time to part with your jewellery, it can be recycled. All pieces arrive in reusable cotton pouches to encourage their longevity through safe keeping, and a protective small box. Boxes are recyclable & biodegradable from FSC certified sources.

Water Consumption

Using recycled silver completely eradicates not only the amount of water that mining requires, but also any risk of water contamination within the mining process.

Workers Rights

Every single piece is handmade by Claire herself, in her studio in South London. She creates the order just for you.